“Google Password Alert": The best browser security settings for Chrome users

- July 26, 2015
Google Password Alert chrome security

    Google has introduced a new browser security settings for Chrome users, called "Google password alert". As the name indicates, it's not exactly a Google alert. It's an extension in Chrome.

The main aim of Google by this technology is to give a message or security-alert when people enter their Google account passwords on any other non-trusted website.

Now, this feature is available only on Chrome. You can prevent phishing attacks by this extension.

For an example,

     Sometimes you will get some spam email from hackers as the message looks like from Google. If you can't identify this attack, you will click on their link and submit your Google account password for login. The newly opened web page will be same as the Google.

At this time,  the "Google password alert" will trigger.

Everyone has a bad habit while creating an account in websites. Same username and password for all online accounts. Please, don't repeat it. You can remember it very fast. But, there is a security risk.

So, Install this browser security setting on Chrome and be safe. Below I mentioned step-by-step instruction in detail.

How to download and install password alert in my browser?
1. Go to Chrome store by this link.

Chrome web store Homepage
Chrome web store - Homepage

2. Type "password alert" in search box and press enter
Google password alert chrome web store
Select password-alert

3. You can see two or more results in extension.
Select the "add to chrome" button of the first result and confirm the action
Chrome settings extensions
Chrome - More tools - extensions

After installing, you can see this extension on Chrome.

Go to settings-More tools-Extensions

Make sure that, it's enabled.