How to Browse in 3D with Mozilla Firefox

- July 01, 2015
firefox, 3d, facebook, website homepage
3D view of facebook homepage
     I think this post will be interesting to everyone. Have you ever watched a movie in 3D? How is it? Not only movies also you can view all websites in 3D.

     Here, I am saying about, How to enable 3D browsing mode in Mozilla-firefox?. Below I explained all the step by step instructions in detail.

Step 1.
Open a website in Mozilla-firefox. (
facebook, firefox, web browser
Facebook homepage
2. Open "Tools" menu.
(Sometimes the tools menu will be hidden. You should press the "Alt" button. Then the tools and other links will pop up on the top left corner)

firefox, web browser, menubar
Firefox without menubar
Press Alt-tab

firefox, web browser
Firefox with menubar
3. Click "Tools" and select "Web Developer" and navigate to "Inspector" from the drop-down menu.

         Then, a window will be open from the bottom of the screen. There you can see many options and a row of icons in the top right corner. When placing the mouse pointer over each icon, the details will be shown. Click on the square box button (3D View).

firefox, 3d view
You can access this option (window) by Ctrl+Shft+I

firefox, 3d, tips

          Now the screen will automatically change to the 3D mode. You can drag and rotate this window as you like. Also, you can zoom in and out this window by the scroll button on the mouse and + & - buttons on the keyboard.

facebook, 3d, firefox, web browser
Facebook homepage in 3d view
          Click the "close" button and enjoy the three-dimensional web browsing in full-screen mode. If you want to return, repeat all these steps again.

One of the main drawbacks of this view is, you can't click any link in the 3d mode.