Free Internet from Facebook

- August 01, 2015

Aquila drone launched by Facebook for free internet in UK

    Facebook completed their first attempt successfully for the mission to the free Internet in rural areas. It's a solar-powered drone has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 and weight only 400Kg. Code-named as "Aquila".

    Facebook aim a group of People, which is not possible to access the High-speed Internet in any way in rural areas.

     The new Drone can be fly continuously for three months, without landing and cover a large Area of 11 Miles. The drone will operate between 18 to 27 Km (60,000 to 90,000ft). It's an attitude over the commercial Aeroplanes.

     The new Aircraft use the Laser beam to transmit the data signal from one to another and also to the ground. This Laser beam not accessible directly by our handsets. The specially made antenna or dishes complete this task and create a WiFi or 4G network.

     Google also, planning to create a free WiFi-zone, with the help of large Helium-balloons. The program named "Project-Loon". It will first Launch in Sri Lanka this year. The paper works are completed. It's very difficult to locate the balloons in the sky, but Google took it as a challenge.

     The new Aircraft is very easy to Locate, and it can fly 3km in a circle. In the daytime, it will fly at the maximum altitude So the weather problem will not affect the working performance of this drone. In the night, it will fly at the lowest possible height, to save the Energy.

     Now, Facebook and Wikipedia also some job site is free to access with the help of Yes, there are some limitations to using this free network. For free internet, this new attempt is an extension for