Why is my Internet Slow?

- August 03, 2015
how to calculate internet speed and perform site speed test

     Today the technologies are well developed all over the world. 3G, 4G and also more researchers are going on. But sometimes we will experience very slow internet or more loading time.

    Please, not be angry with customer-care. If you think your internet speed is good, then the actual problem is mainly at the side of the Website. You can easily check this by,

  • www.google.com which will load very quickly for slow connections.

     I think the Homepage of Google is the fastest in the world of the internet because of the white background and search bar. The main attraction is that No Ads. So, the total size of Google homepage is very Low. That's why it can be load very quickly.

     If Google homepage also getting late, your net connection is slow. Otherwise, the sites you are browsing busy with online traffic. The loading time of a website is determined by the page size and traffic received.

To calculate, the Loading time of any Website, there are a lot of Website on the Internet.

1. Pingdom.com

site speed test slow internet pingdom
This site is very Popular to calculate the loading time of a Web page. But the main drawback of this site is that you cannot see the box and submit button provided on the Homepage. You should enter the web Address as "tools.pingdom.com".

     This Website provides only three places for selecting "test from". Amsterdam, New York City and Dallas. I think it will not give the exact loading time. A few variations will be there. If you browse a website from India and speed calculation test from New York City, the loading time result will be different while the server located in the USA. You don't think that it will be a very high variation, only a tiny variation.

     A small screenshot of the Web page is given. Loading time of each link and image provided in detail. If you are a web developer, you can't love this site because to improve the loading speed of the Website there is not provide any suggestions or recommendations in the result. Only basic ideas are given.

2. Webpagetest.org

webpagetest site speed test slow internet

     In this website, they provided more options for selecting the test from location, the device used and also the internet browser. We can see almost every Location from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania in the drop-down list. We can see one more option for selecting a location from the map.

3. GTmetrix.com

gtmetrix.com slow internet site speed test

     This site is very fast in loading and performance. It will be more useful if you are a web developer. There are full of recommendations and suggestions in the result. The main advantage of this website is, the result can be download as a pdf document.

These Websites are just for an example. As I said there are a lot of sites on the internet, you can find them by searching with keywords. Again if you are experiencing slow internet speed, call customer care and ask them Why is my Internet Slow.