Aug 24, 2015

Remindeo: The Best Free Reminder Service Online

free reminder service online

All of us forget everything from time to time. Birthdays, Anniversaries, some Important tasks or like that. What will you do? Set alarm on your phone. It's ok, for one week or month. Sometimes your phone may not work or hard reset, all saved thing will become worthless or lost.

The only way you can set an Alarm for the long period is the Online Reminder Service. There are many Websites available on the Internet. But from those lists, I Individually used is
It's a free Service, and you can add any types of reminder like Tasks, Appointment,  To-do.
Also, you can make notes and create the list of anything that you want to remember.

It's easy to handle, and all type of peoples can use this network with some special features.

"Remindeo" helps you to remember everything. Also, the Important thing about this reminder Service is, you can send invitation or alert to others.
If, you would like to receive the alert through SMS or Email reminder service you can select it while creating the reminder.

The newest feature in "Remindeo" is the voice call reminder. You will receive the voice call alert instead of SMS or Email.

To Sign up for this free service go to this link and enter the basic details and enjoy.

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