How to Unsent an Email In Gmail?

- August 09, 2015
How to unsend an email in gmail - Gmail undo send

     Google introduced the new feature "undo-send" in their free Email service Gmail. It was in experimental position for years, but now it's a part of Google account settings.

Every one of us experienced some errors when, sending Emails.
Forget to attach file, Spelling mistakes,the wrong recipient selected most of the time the new feature is helpful when you are angry with someone. That may be your Boss, close relative or just like that.

You will not get minutes or hour to stop sending the Email that you already sent. Only a few seconds.

How to enable undo-send in Gmail?

This new feature is in the disabled status of every Gmail account. You have to enable it manually. To do this,

First, click on the "Gear icon on the top right-hand side of your Gmail dashboard.

Select "Settings" from the drop down list.

how to unsend an email in gmail - Gmail undo send- settings-general
Setting-General-Undo Send
Now, you can see all of your Google account details categorized - General, Labels, Inbox, etc.
By default, the option "General" will be enabled. Scroll down to the bottom.

You can see the new feature "Undo-Send", just below the option "Send and Archive".

Click on the small box provided to enable that option and you can select the "Time" required to hold your message by Gmail. Now, Gmail Provides Min.5 Seconds to the Max. 30 Seconds (5,10,20,30)

 Again, scroll down to the bottom to "Save" the changes you made.

Now, you can test this by sending an Email to your Email ID. When, you click the "Send" button, you can see an option "Undo".

how to unsend an email in gmail - Gmail undo send

When, clicked on the "Undo" button, the new window will open again to edit your message and, you can re-send it by editing again.