How to Create SBI Free Virtual Credit Card

- August 19, 2015
sbi free virtual credit card
     SBI Virtual Credit card is a safe payment option for better and secured Merchant-transaction in India. SBI provides this facility for free. There are no Hidden charges or maintenance cost. A lot of benefits are there while using virtual cards. In my Previous post, I already explained about the "Virtual Credit Card" offered by various Banks in India and the advantages of this facility.

SBI Virtual Credit Card

     If you want to create a virtual card in the largest commercial bank in India, first you need an Internet banking account and follow the step by step method I explained below.

  • Sign-In to your Account.
  • Click "e-Cards". (9th option on the menubar)

Under this option, you will get a page like below.

sbi free virtual credit card how to
     Here you can see the Account number, branch and a box provided to enter the amount you want to set the limit for your virtual credit card.

     Enter the Amount and click on the small box provided to Accept the Terms and conditions.

     Then, finally click on the "Generate" button and confirm again. The bank will send an OTP (One Time Password) enter it correctly, and you are done.

Now, an image will be open on your screen as your plastic made debit cards.

sbi free virtual credit card

You will get,
16 Digit Card number, Expiry date, and CVV.

     Also, an email will receive on your registered Email address.

     You can create any number of cards as you like if your Account has enough balance. The Amount will be on hold up to the Expiry date.

How to Cancel SBI Virtual Credit card?

You can cancel you card at any time if you want.
Go to the second option under "e-Cards" and confirm it.

The Card will expire,

  • Automatically after Two days if you don't make any transaction online.
  • The moment a payment is done.

     These two auto features will give you more safety for payments. You can make the purchase online without any fear.