Sep 3, 2015

How to Type in Malayalam/Indian Regional Languages Without Any Software or Plugins

type in malayalam or other Indian regional languages

Type in Malayalam is very easy by using Unicode. Just type the letters as you speak, it will convert the text into the Malayalam script. There are many Softwares available for this task, but they need the installation. It will grab the memory from your hard disc.
type in malayalam india typing
Here, I want to introduce a Website ( which is fast to load and use it anywhere you want. It is full of free and no hidden charges.(Except High-quality premium services)

It supports many Languages, and all of them have separate subdomains. You can get it from the Homepage.

Open this URL (Subdomain of India typing for Malayalam)
You can see a box provided to type. Type the letters as you speak in Malayalam and press space. Now, the letters will Converts automatically.

If you do not want to Convert the letters, there is an option to do this. Press the Ctrl+g to toggle between Malayalam and English.

It's, not only for typing in Regional-Languages, you can check your typing speed and practice it. A lot of tips and speed-up information are available.

One of the important thing I found on this site is if you are preparing for SSC/CISF Examination, a detailed description is provided about the typing test with the screen shot.

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