How to download Whatsapp status images and videos

- September 19, 2017
download status images

Whatsapp status download is not possible from the App directly. Because there is no option is provided to do this. But, It's possible through a Simple Method.
The idea behind this technic is, the files are already downloaded on your phone before you watch it. You have to find it from the Internal folder through the File Manager.

You can't see the Internal folder directly in the WhatsApp installed phone storage or memory card.

Find the Whatsapp status downloaded folder

At first, you have to confirm on which storage is your WhatsApp installed. I mean phone memory or memory card.

Normally phone memory is the default location.



WhatsApp status download

3. Click the MENU button on the top right corner of the screen.

4. Select SHOW HIDDEN FILES from the dropdown list.

download whatsapp status

Now, a folder named ".Statuses" will be available on top.

Open that folder and there you can see all the image and video files currently available on your status tab.

These files will be deleted, after 24Hrs. expiry-time. If you want to save these files, you have to copy these files to any other location.

For more information, watch this video.

download status images

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