How to connect WiFi without knowing password in mobile.

- October 14, 2017
wifi without password

     Wifi networks are two types open and password protected. Here I'm commenting on the second one which you can connect with a single click without entering the security key. This Article is not any type of hacking or cheating others. Only the legal way. After reading this all chapter you can connect your WiFi network without password on your mobile device.

     Every Wifi modem or hotspot has the default ID and password. Everybody knows that but not aware of the Technology called WPS. It stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. In functional, you can see it as a button. Commonly called WPS push button.

How to connect WiFi without password?

  • Enable WiFi and search for the network on your mobile. If the Network is available,

  • Open MENU and there you can see some list of options.
  • Select the option WPS push button.

     Now the device will search for the WPS enables WiFi network. At the same time, or before ending the search, you have to
  • Enable the WPS on your WiFi modem or Hotspot.

     To do this, press the WPS push button provided on the modem. You can see this switch on the back or side of the modem.

For more information, watch this video and subscribe this Youtube channel to get more ideas and tips.

Click the image and watch the video 

     Yes, now you are connected. For the next time, you are not required to do all these things again. The ID and passwords are transferred internally to your device and hold it safely. So, the next time, it will connect automatically.