How to do the Full Page Screen Capture of a web page?

- October 20, 2017
Everyone knows how to take a screenshot on your mobile or laptops. But don't know how to do the full page screen capture of a web page. Normal screenshot can capture the visible screen only, and you have to take more pictures for the entire web page.

full-page-web-screen-captur of webpage
The Chines smartphone like-Oppo has given some feature to take the long-screenshots in their latest Gadgets. Don't worry you will get the solution here.

Here, I'm introducing a Website called which allows you to do the full page screen capture of any website.

full page web screen capture

As the image shows, you can see a box provided on the site. You can type or copy and paste the site address in the box and then click on the capture web page button below.

You can download the long-screenshot in total seven formats. On the right side, you can select the Format you want.

Just an Example,
How to do the full page capture of a web page?

  • Click webpage capture button.

  • On the next page, click download. The file will download immediately on your device.
Please note,

Be careful while entering the address of the site in the address bar. Don't forget to provide the hyphen between web and capture.

How to take the long web page capture very easily without copy paste.

  • On the homepage, you can see a link Web-capture me. It's called bookmarklet. Click and Drag this link to your bookmark bar. Next time, if you wish to capture any website or page that opened on your browser, just click the link directly and see the magic.

Click and Drag the above link to your bookmark bar.

Bookmarklets are Usually very easy and time-saving service. If you want to download online or Youtube videos to your system in a single click, bookmarklets will help you. You will get all the information in detail on the link below.