How to Learn Typing Online

- October 19, 2017
There is no one, who does not like typing. But it's quite hard to learn and require some hard work and dedication. Now the Game is changed. Yes, It's really interesting like playing Games.

There is some software like Typing master, Rapid Typing Tutor etc. They require installation and are not free. You can learn one or two lessons then you have to go for the pro version or buy the activation key.

Here I'm explaining about a website, which is free and very easy to learn the basic lessons. If you want to go to the advanced level, you must be a pro member.

How to learn typing online (

learn typing

The above image shows the relation between each finger and corresponding letters. This is the first thing that you have to follow before starting the Exercise.

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If you want to learn to type without any fear or tension, you don't look at the original keyboard while typing.

typing games

After finishing all the lessons, you can practise it by typing games. Keep practising every day and improve your typing speed.