How to Delete or Recall WhatsApp messages that already sent even after 7 minutes

- December 21, 2017
New update on WhatsApp gives you an option to delete the messages that already sent. You can Recall it from individual or group message. Very useful for the family group.

But only for 7 minutes
After 7 Minutes, this option will disable for that particular message. There is no any other internal option in WhatsApp to recall old chats. Don't worry, here you can learn this trick.

How to Recall WhatsApp messages after 7 Minutes.

Step 1:

  • Switch off Mobile data or all Internet connection.

Step 2:

  • Clear all background Apps including WhatsApp.

Step 3:

  • Go to Settings and Disable Automatic date and time.

Step 4:

  • Change the Date to the Previous day.
  • If you want to Recall a Message of 4th December, you must set the date as 3rd December.

Step 5:

  • Open WhatsApp- select and hold the message that you wants to delete then press the delete button.
  • Now, you can see the 3rd option Delete for all.
  • After deleting, a status message will be available that, You deleted this message
Step 6:
  • Turn ON Mobile data or Internet connection.
  • If he is now in Online, wait for 15 to 20 Seconds. Sometimes, a red icon will be available on the Right side of the message.
  • Then click on the icon
  • Select resend message
Now you can confirm the message is deleted.

Watch the video for info