Eye Protection App: Save your eyes from longtime cell phone use at night

- December 13, 2017
eye protection app

Eye-protection App or Night screen App plays an important role, in our daily life. We are ready to live without food, but without our Cell-phone, tablet or other Electronic-Gadget, it's very difficult to Exist. I think most of we are using these gadgets continuously at night for long-time. Here, the importance of eye protection app.

These Apps filters or removes the blue light which is very harmful to our eyes. It also protects your child's vision at daytime. You don't think that it provides 100% safety. Only helps to reduce the damage. (something is better than nothing).

How to protect your eyes with eye protection App

You can search in Play store with the above keywords like eye protection or night screen etc. There, you can see so many Apps providing this Service. But, be careful while downloading. Sometimes they ask un-necessary Permissions.

In this post, I Introduce a safe Night-screen App for you.

  • It's easy to Customize.
  • Not needed extra Permissions.
  • It filters the Blue light of your cell phone screen.
  • When you increase the brightness of the screen (phone's brightness control), it becomes yellow shaded.
  • You can set the time and brightness you want at night.
  • It automatically enables and disables as per the time you set.

Watch the below video for more info.