How to use Whatsapp without phone number

- December 09, 2017
whatsapp without phone number
WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application now and it connects you with your friends and family individually and group. There are so many WhatsApp tricks and tips but, have you ever heard of WhatsApp without a phone number?

Yes, this trick is real but a little confused.  Actually, it is done by virtual phone numbers. You do not want to buy a sim card or phone number from a mobile network. You can create a new one with the help of an App called Text Now.

  • As I explained above, first you have to create a virtual phone number. To do this follow the link.

  • Download and install or Reinstall the WhatsApp and Launch it.
  • Enter the phone number which you created manually with Text Now.
  • A verification call or message will receive on your new number.
  • Submit it and use the App.

For more info, Watch this video