How to create Virtual Phone Numbers

- December 09, 2017
virtual phone numbers

Are confused about Phone numbers and Virtual phone numbers?

Normally, you can buy a phone number or sim card from a store by providing proper documents to verify your Identity. Here, you don't need anything like this. You can create your own phone number for free. Only need a working Email ID and internet connection.

How to create virtual phone numbers?
  • Go to Playstore and download an App called Text Now
virtual phone numbers
  • Click signup
  • Enter the email ID and a new Password(Don't give your Mail ID's password)
  • Now, enter a country code eg. 919(US)
  • This App is completely free to call in Canada and US. For other countries, you to make purchase their calling plans.
  • If you are from Germany, you can also create an account or free phone number using this technic.
Watch this video for more info.